Authors: W.A. Whistler
Citation: How to Cite: W.A. Whistler and M.B. Thomas. Rare Plants of American Samoa Checklist. Accessed through The Flora of Samoa Data Portal,, accessed yyyy-mm-dd.
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Locality: American Samoa (-14.316880, -170.761250)
Abstract: In 2007, Art Whistler and Michael Thomas embarked on a project to document the rare plants of American Samoa. The project was funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. 109 species were documented. American Samoa and its small group of islands were first settled by the Polynesians some 3,000 years ago. In 1722, they were discovered Jacob Roggeveen, a Dutch explorer. In 1900, it became an unorganized U.S. territory, and in fact, it's today the only U.S. territory located south of the Equator. These rugged islands (fringed by reefs) have narrow coastal plains. All are volcanic in origin. The native vascular flora of American Samoa, based upon Whistler 1980, 1992b, 1994, 1998, and the present work, is now estimated to be about 343 flowering plants, 135 ferns, and 9 fern allies.
Keywords: flora, taxonomy, biodiverstity, Pacific islands, Polynesia, herbarium
Notes: Scientific names have been updated to follow the APG IV system of flowering plant classification.

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Families: 49
Genera: 99
Species: 107 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 108 (including subsp. and var.)